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Looking for a seasoned sounding board?
Explore enriching mentorship with Dr. Karley Denoon ND, where valuable guidance and insights await you
to enhance your professional development and ease the process.

What I Offer

Both Business and Clinical consulting are available.

 A mix and match approach is welcomed as we work through building your skills as a physician and improve your business to support and work for you. 

Dr Amanda Chay ND - Rossland BC

Karley was a huge asset to my practice when I started.  I was completely alone in a rural town as a new grad and struggled to find the time to keep up to date with research while running a busy practice.  I was seeing many different conditions and was overwhelmed by the various naturopathic treatments we learned in school while also navigating when conventional treatment was necessary.  Karley mentored me for a large part of my first year and I could not have done it without her.  She has experience treating a wide range of conditions and is also up to date on the latest research. I felt confident providing treatment options she shared with me, knowing patients would get the results I was hoping for while also knowing it was evidence based. She often said that  'the treatment depends on the patient'--I found this challenging to wrap my head around at first, however she truly taught me the art of patient care using the science of naturopathic medicine. This is something that cannot be learned through following basic treatment algorithms but is key to growing a successful practice.  After five years in practice I still reach out if needed for challenging cases, and she somehow always has the answer or has treated various similar cases before. I will forever be grateful for her help and know that much of my clinic success is due to her teaching me how to treat each individual, how to stay up to date on research when you are busy, and years of clinical pearls that she generously shared.
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Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.
- JC Crosby

What You've Asked For 

  • A dedicated experienced mentor, who knows who you are, and understands your unique goals and struggles.

  • Scheduled times you check in and are accountable to your unique practice and business goals.

  • Not just logging on to watch a webinar, but an actual appointment for yourself, where you can talk directly to someone in confidence, feel heard and be nourished.

  • A thorough thoughtful second set of eyes on a case. 

  • Someone who has the experience of running a large ND, multidisciplinary clinic, understands Health corps, and has business acumen.

  • A non judgmental supportive resource where you can ask any question and share all concerns without feeling stupid or embarrassed. 

What you've shared... and we've all been though.

  • Feeling alone in practice.

  • Endless facebook groups, online subscription courses and evidence based resources and still no clear answer you can trust that fits for your question. 

  • Despite UptoDate, your books and all the CE you can swallow, you're left wondering why your treatments arn't working the way you had expected? 

  • You've found yourself practicing more primary care and seeing more complicated cases than ever with our declining medical system and unsure of how to manage an entire case. Where do you start? 

  • You are having trouble interpreting a whole set of labs in the context of the patient and not sure what's really important and how one marker could affect the other. 

  • You aren't making the money you thought you would despite feeling like you are always working. 

  • You'd legitimately say you are probably burnt out, you might even have anxiety at this point. 

  • You are nervous about communicating with other health care professionals, even within your own profession, for fear of being judged or seen as inadequate. 

  • You are so busy seeing patients, keeping your head above water and have thought “someone has got to have seen this case before?” or “ I know someone has an entire file on this exact question…I don’t have 5 hours to scour the evidence”

  • You have no idea how to run a profitable business, you're in it for the heart and soul of helping others, but are not feeling rewarded anymore, only depleted and drained. 

    If you recognize yourself in any of the above, book a free exploration session by filling out a request below

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Explore Mentorship

I appreciate your interest in the mentorship program.
Please take a moment to fill out the form below and you will be contacted to book a free exploratory session.

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Dr Denoon does not offer any services that replace the therapeutic relationship or responsibility between the practitioner that she is mentoring and thier patient. She provides no direct care for practitioners patients , and provides educational services only to practitioners. The services Dr Denoon provides also never replace the professional services of an accountant or a lawyer. 

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